Engineering Geology

In engineering geology, Geoárea, has proven experience in the elaboration of the following studies/projects:

- Geological and hidrogyological studies;
- Seismological studies, seismic hazard assessment, liquefaction potencial;
- Planning, monitoring prospection works and elaboration of geogical, geotechnical and hydrogeological models;
- Characterization of foundations and design of retaining structures;
- Inventory, characterization and quantification of construction materials;
- Stability analysis of natural slopes, embankments/ excavations, and design of drainage and support structures.
- Analysis of sexcavability conditions;



Interacting with multidisciplinary teams, GEOÁREA is proficient on the development of geotechnical studies concerning the following projects:

- Concrete and earth dams;
- Hydroelectric power plants;
- Underground structures;
- Water supply systems and hydraulic structures;
- Roadways and railways;
- Building foundation;
- Wind farms;
- Photovoltaic plants;
- Landfills;
- Rehabilitation of mining areas;
- Fill embankments and excavations;
- Retaining structures and supporting works;
- Ground improvement and reinforcement;
- Technical guidance to construction work supervision.


- Seismic refraction;
- Electrical resistivity;
- Ground penetrating radar (GPR);
- Sonic tests for pile integrity assessment (PIT and cross-hole).


- Impact assessment on geological environment and implementation of environmental monitoring strategies;
- Evaluation and remediation actions for contaminated soils and groundwater;
- Environmental rehabilitation and management of mining facilities;
- GIS database compilation comprising Geology, Geotechnics Hydrogeology and Geoenvironment.


Either through partnerships with specialized firms or using its own equipments, GEOÁREA has the appropriate expertise to develop ground investigation works such as:
- Test pits and test trenches;
- Rotary drilling on soils and rocks;
- Dynamic and static probing tests;
- Geomechanical parameterisation in situ tests;
- Permeability in situ tests;
- Sample coring;
- Laboratory tests on soil and rock samples as well as aggregate material.
- Light weight deflectometer (LWD) tests.


The wide experience of our staff guarantees the adequate know-how on the elaboration of integrated solutions of geotechnical engineering, allowing for the assignment of proficient teams on monitoring and instrumentation procedures of geotechnical construction works.

Partnerships with market leading firms in equipment supplying and installation assures that GEOAREA provides a high quality service.


GEOÁREA has the expertise and experience to perform supervision and technical guidance of geotechnical works.

With the ultimate goal of providing added value to the final result of the construction works, our technicians are qualified to carry out geological and geotechnical monitoring and guidance at construction working fronts, proposing alternative solutions to the established design, getting involved in work and team management, in choosing quality suppliers and adequate materials, in quality control of construction materials and assessment of application procedures.