Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Design

GEOÁREA resorts on its Earth Science knowledge in order to develop integrated design studies within the Geological and Geotechnical domain.

Geophysical Studies

The employment of indirect ground survey approach is assured by qualified teams, experienced on Seismic Refraction, Electrical Resistivity, Ground Penetrating Radar procedures and sonic pile surveys such as Pile Integrity Tests and Cross-Hole analysis.

Management and Supervision of Geotechnical Works

Geological and Geotechnical works supervision is assured by experienced and motivated teams with a wide curriculum on well-known construction works of national reference.

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Photovoltaic Plant -Geological & Geothecnical Studies

GEOÁREA develops geological and geothecnical studies regarding the implementation of photovoltaic plants with the scope of assesing the ground conditions, having a cumulative experience superior to 2500ha.


Maputo Council Plan Development Concerning Slope Stabilization and Maintenance

GEOÁREA is currently developing the geological and geotechnical studies for the stabilization and maintenance plan of slopes throughout the city.


Caniçada Complementary Spillway

GEOÁREA, since 2014,  participates actively in the construction works of the Complementary Spillway of Caniçada Dam, integrated in the building contractor aggregation