ECM Engenheiros Consultores de Moçambique, S.A

A ECM Engenheiros Consultores de Moçambique, S.A. is a Mozambican company, which results from the joint efforts and skills of some engineering companies with complementary expertise.  This initiative aims to enhance a specialized response in civil construction, public works and environment through the coordination and aggregation of experiences and knowledge, by participating in the processes of infrastructure and economic and social development of the country.

ECM has as shareholders the following companies:

- Geoárea – Geotechnical and Envrironment consultants;
- Profico – Projetos, Fiscalização e Consultoria, Lda;

ECM is prepared to cover vast areas of engineering knowledge, related to engineering and environment, gathering the following areas:

- Geology and Geotchenics;
- Environmental Studies;
- Roadway, Railway and Runway Infrastructures;
- Structures, Foundations and Retaining walls;
- Buildings;
- Water Supply and Sewage Systems;
- Hydraulic infrastructures;
- Rural development;
- Supervision and Control of Construction Works; 
-  Safety Coordination of Construction Sites;