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Above all, GEOÁREA favours a direct contact with the Client, aiming to accomplish an absolute Client satisfaction through the delivery of high quality services combined with the fulfilment of agreed deadlines and bid proposals.

It’s part of our development strategy to be distinguished by excellence, precision and innovation. In these terms we are currently certified by standards ISO 9001 and ISO 140001.

Being aware that the quest for new construction work markets is crucial for the line of activity GEOAREA intervenes, internationalisation assumes an inevitable importance. In that regard, GEOAREA has been exploring other markets than the Portuguese one, with successful results in Mozambique, Angola, Algeria, Green Cape, Spain, Ireland and Macau.

Technical staff

Fernando Ferreira | know moreFernando Ferreira | Geological Engineer / General Manager | 966 081 950 | fernando.ferreira@geoarea.pt
Eurico Teixeira | know moreEurico Teixeira | Engineering Geologist | 927 509 520 | eurico.teixeira@geoarea.pt
Luís Lopes | know moreLuís Lopes | Engineering Geologist | 214 196 195 | luis.lopes@geoarea.pt
Patricia Matos | know morePatricia Matos | Engineering Geologist | 214 196 195 | patricia.matos@geoarea.pt
Raquel Correia | know moreRaquel Correia | Administrative Assistant, Financial and SGQA | 214 196 195 | raquel@geoarea.pt
Eduardo Gomes | know moreEduardo Gomes | Engineering Geologist | eduardo.gomes@geoarea.pt
Marco Bento | know moreMarco Bento | Engineering Geologist | marco.bento@geoarea.pt
Vítor Santos | know moreVítor Santos | Engineering Geologist | vitor.santos@geoarea.pt

Quality and Environmental 

Geoarea is a consulting firm specialized in the subjects of geotechnics and environment, endowed with a technical staff and equipment that assures a high quality work standard as well as the fulfilment of all contractual deadlines.

The expertise, professionalism and dedication that identifies our human resources leads GEOAREA to an up-to-date, dynamic and competitive market vision.

So that our services have the desired high quality standard our technical team is provided with staff experienced in the subjects of geology, engineering geology and geotechnics and that have participated in the main design and construction works developed in Portugal in last decade.

We assume as our mission the following:
-  To answer client expectations 
-  To favour direct contact with the client and assure satisfaction through final product quality and fulfilment of deadlines
-  To comply with current legislation, technical standards and other legal requirements
-  To minimize environmental impacts throughout the execution of works, encouraging rational use of available resources and implementing a best practice procedure in environmental management 
-  To provide adequate technical training to human resources to promote professional development 
-  To aim for a continuous improvement in the Quality and Environment Management System
-  To promote awareness, motivation and commitment of the Geoarea staff and all other technical contributors, so that the above stated remarks are fully respected

By establishing this policy Geoarea commits to the continuous search for improvement of its Quality and Environment Management System and also the fulfilment of the requirements stated in NP EN ISO9001 and NP EN ISO14001.

July 2016


integrated management system for quality and environment